Frequently Asked Questions


Read the FAQ and, if you have any further query, contact us!


Why registering with

Registering with the Tellini B2B Shop is the only condition to be able to view the prices of the items for sale, to send order requests and to ask for information about items that are not in the catalog. There are other benefits waiting for you: as a logged-in user you can complete purchases from any device (PC, tablet, smart phone, iPhone), receive discount coupons, dedicated offers, and updates as to special events and promotional sales that we schedule both online and at our Showroom in Udine. Finally, if you are a new customer, we have reserved a special 10%* discount for you on your first online purchases.

Is registering easy?

Yes, surely. The registration is simple, free of charge, and with no obligations to purchase. You only have to fill in the registration form, entering the required data in all the fields (in particular those marked by an asterisk). Once the credentials you entered are verified, your registration will be approved, and within about 24 hours we will send you a confirmation e-mail, containing your User Name, UserID and password. From that moment on, you will be able to access your Profile, to page through the complete price list, and to start with your purchases. Note: the registration with the online shop can be delayed during holidays or closing days of the company.

Can anybody register to purchase?

No, sorry. The online wholesale shop is not open to individual consumers. The registration and the purchases on our platform are reserved exclusively to:

  • ai clienti che hanno sede legale in territorio italiano o in UE che siano in possesso di P. IVA valida relativa al commercio di abbigliamento, biancheria, tessuti e similari;
  • ai clienti che hanno Sede legale al di fuori dei confini di Italia e UE operanti nel settore di di abbigliamento, biancheria, tessuti e similari che si impegnano a seguire le normative vigenti in materia di esportazione delle merci.

What are my data for?

Your data are essential in order to create a complete fiscal registration and to carry out accurate invoicing. That is why we recommend you to fill in all parts of the registration form, identifying accurately the fiscal and VAT number of your company, as well as any additional delivery addresses. Don't forget to supply us with at least one cell phone number, so that the carrier will be able to contact you if necessary in order to agree upon the delivery.

How are my data processed?

We use your data in full compliance of the European Regulation concerning personal data. That's why we updated the Privacy Policy adapting our internal procedures to the new GDPR. You can consult at any time the purposes and modes of processing and storing, and the possible erasure of your personal data, in the relevant section.

How is an account created?

Per creare un account (Profilo utente) è sufficiente inserire una email attiva ed una password alfanumerica. Successivamente verranno richiesti i dati anagrafici della tua azienda, inclusi eventuali indirizzi aggiuntivi di consegna ed un recapito mobile da comunicare allo spedizioniere. In order to create an account (User Profile) you only have to enter an active e-mail address and an alphanumeric password.

Later, the identification data of your company will be requested, including any additional delivery addresses and a cell phone number to be made known to the carrier. In order to guarantee the correct utilization of the platform, the data you send will undergo a careful verification. Only after our personnel will have ascertained they are accurate, we will send you a registration confirmation e-mail containing the User Name, UserID and Password. From that moment on, you will be able to access your Profile, to page through the complete price list, and to start with your purchases.

What do I do if I forget the password?

Don't worry.
Go to the Access area, enter your e-mail and flag the field “I forgot my password”.

We will generate a new password. In a very short time, you will receive an e-mail with the new password, which you will be able to reset in your Profile.

Because of the sensitivity of online transactions, we recommend you to always devise a complex password, alternating numbers, uppercase and lowercase, and symbols, so that it is not intuitive or too simple. Also, it is essential to keep it in a secret place with the utmost care, out of prying eyes, and, if possible, separately from your UserID.

My access data were stolen and somebody else placed an order, what should I do?

Request a new access password to the platform, and block your credit cards.

After that, scrupulously keep in a secret place your credentials and your banking data.

You are still to complete the payments and/or to receive the goods, even if the orders were placed by some ill-intentioned person using your data. In fact, Tellini Srl is not liable if you, out of lack of due diligence, have allowed your identification data to be stolen in an identity theft.

I am an online customer of yours already, should I register anyway?

No, a new registration is not necessary. Your data are stored with our server and they can be used to access the new platform too. Anyway, you can update your password from your Profile, or ask for a new one by contacting the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515, or finally by using the field “Did you forget your password?” in the Access page.

I am already a regular customer of your warehouse, should I register anyway?

Yes, please. The registration of customers of the warehouse only, who have no online account, is necessary in order to integrate the administrative filing with the online accounting. The registration is easy and quick, just follow the directions. Once you have registered and received your credentials, you will be able to activate your profile, to freely view the price list and to start placing orders for your preferred products on the Tellini B2B Shop, too. Note: the special payment terms and any discount schedule we reserved for you remain unchanged for the online purchases, too.


I can't see the prices, what should I do?

The registration is mandatory in order to view the prices we offer on In fact, while browsing the online catalog is free and open to anyone, the access to purchasing is reserved and allowed only to Italian and European operators in the textile sector, actively carrying out business in clothing, household linen, textiles and similar products.

Is VAT included in the prices?

No, unless otherwise stated, the prices for the catalog items are “VAT not included”. The amount of the tax due can be viewed in the summary, both in the cart and in the order request form, and it should always be checked by the customer before starting the payment procedure. The validity of all prices is always and solely the one stated at the time when the order is forwarded to the supplier. The prices of some or all the products, in fact, can change without any notice. Note: Tellini S.r.l is not liable for taxes levied in other Countries.

Are all the items available in the warehouse displayed online?

Not necessarily.
Do you wish an item in particular and you don't see it on our virtual shelf? Don't give up, contact our operators! You can call us at +39 0432 521515, send us a message by WhatsApp or send an e-mail to [email protected] accurately identifying the brand, the item code, the amount, the sizes and the color references you want. We will immediately contact the brand producer, and since we restock every week, if the wares are available, we will order them for you and make them available for you in some eight work days. Note: this offer is subject to minimum order quantities.

Can you notify me when the items are available again?

Certainly. The Back in Stock option is available for ongoing items! Don't miss the opportunity to stock your shop with items that are essential for your customers. If you find that the products you are looking for are temporarily out of stock, flag the option "Alert me when again available". You will receive an update e-mail as soon as your preferred ongoing items will be back in the catalog, so you will be able to purchase them immediately, before anyone else does that.

What does “assorted variant” mean?

By “assorted variant” we mean those items of the household textiles department for which we cannot guarantee the delivery of a specific reference (color/pattern /model). They are shipped according to the references that are in stock at the time when the order is prepared. However, you can contact our Customer Service and tell us what you'd prefer: we will do everything possible to get close to your wishes! Note: in these cases, having received another color/pattern/model does not amount to a sufficient basis to lodge a complaint about the goods and request a return.

I am an international customer, how can I be sure about the sizes?

We have prepared a Table of Comparison of the sizes, which you can look up at any time in order to compare the Italian sizes with any international sizes. The table can be viewed in the product listing of each item by calling it up with the dedicated button, or in the Size Guide section.

Is there a Hanging Garments Service?

Yes, certainly.
If you wish so, when ordering you can request the packaging of your items as “hanging garments", with or without labeling. You will receive them already prepared for setting them up in your shop. Your items, indeed, will be first taken out of the original package, hung on hangers, and finally shipped. When they arrive, you'll only have to take them out and show them to your customers. Note: this is a service for a charge, and it is valid only for minimum order amounts and active only for the underwear items. For more info, please contact the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515.

Can I have a customized Labeling Service?

Certainly, the Labeling Service is one of the many additional benefits that Tellini Srl makes available to the customers. If you wish so, our staff will take care of printing all labels, with the identifying code for the item/garment, the machine readable barcode, the price you will want to cash, and any necessary information about the model, color and size. The labels can be stuck directly on the individual items, or sent in the goods' package. Note: this is a service for a charge, and it is valid only for minimum order amounts. For more info, please contact the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515.


Can I save my preferences and purchase later?

Yes, certainly.
You can select all the items you want and save them in your wish list, as a memo for future purchases. When you are ready to place your order you only have to click on the "Add to cart" button and you will thus start the availability verification procedure, following which you will be able to proceed with the payment. All order requests are subject to verification. Please remember that, even though we restock weekly, the actual availability of goods in the warehouse is subject to remarkable variations, even in just a few days (save in the case of ongoing items). Therefore, especially when new collections are presented or special promotional events take place (E.g. the "Fiera del Bianco"), we suggest not to let too much time go by from the moment you select an item you like to the moment you want to place your order. You might not find it any more!

How do I place an order?

Ordering on is very simple.

You only have to select the items/garments you want, enter the size, color and quantity, and load them on the cart. You can carry out this procedure over several days. You can always modify sizes and colors and replace the items you want, before sending the order request. Once your list is complete, please verify the goods' summary and remove any unwanted items from the cart, check the invoicing data entered are correct, and select the delivery address if it's different from the invoicing address. If you have any special requests (e.g. hanging garments, labeling service, temporary warehousing for pick up by your own carrier) please contact the Customer Service by telephone before sending the order. We will assess your request and do anything possible to help you. Once you have reached an agreement with the staff, fill in the dedicated Message field and click on "Send Request".

How does the purchase procedure end?

Within two work days from the receipt of your order request, our personnel will verify that the goods are actually available, and, if everything is OK, they will send you a confirmation (a proforma invoice), which will be valid as a formal acceptance of the order. Otherwise, an operator will contact you to propose any possible replacements and to agree with you on any modifications. After that, the goods will be set aside and packaged by our staff. If you pay by money transfer, you will have to carry out the payment within three days from the receipt of the proforma invoice, otherwise your order will be voided. We will take care of the shipment on the day after we receive confirmation that the payment has taken place. If you want to follow your shipment step by step, please contact the Customer Service. We will supply you with the carrier's name and the shipment tracking number, with which you will be able to monitor the shipment of the goods.

Is there a limit to my purchases?

No, absolutely.
There are no limits to your shopping on, but there is a minimum order threshold amounting to €150.00 + VAT for shipments to Italy and EU Member States. For shipments in Italy for an amount over €300.00 € + VAT, Tellini Srl, as a compliment to the customers, pays the shipment costs in full. The full discounting of the shipment costs is applicable only on a single order and it is not applicable to multiple orders reaching the threshold mentioned, even if they are placed in the same calendar month.

Can I modify my order before it's shipped?

Yes, but only before Tellini Srl issues the proforma invoice.

The issuing of the proforma invoice formalizes our acceptance of your request to verify if the goods are available, and from that moment that becomes a true and full order. Therefore, the contractual agreement among the parties is considered as entered into, and the payment of the amount due within three days, as well as the acceptance of the goods, become binding for you.

How much time will it take for my order to be processed?

Your order is prepared as soon as we issue the proforma invoice, and it is processed within four work days at most, but only after we have received confirmation that the payment has taken place (save in case of cash-on-delivery payments). These times may vary in case of company closing days or restocking of goods.

Can I have a summary of my past orders?

Yes, certainly. Within your own account, you can always view the history of the transactions on Look up the section “Orders Placed” and check out the previous orders, or, if you prefer, ask for a copy of the invoices already issued in the calendar year by sending an e-mail to e s h o p @ t e l l i n i . i t. We will be pleased to help you.


What payment modes do you accept?

On you can pay comfortably and securely through:

  • Bank transfer in advance to the bank account in the name of Tellini Srl. The payment details will be sent by e-mail to the address you gave when registering, once the order procedure is completed. You can also view the details in the Payments section.
  • Credit card (any, save American Express and Diners). Since the transaction confirmation is immediate, this method allows us to go on with the packaging of the goods straight away, and to schedule the pick up, at the latest, for the following day.
  • Cash on delivery. This is only allowed for purchases not exceeding an amount of 2,999.00€, with goods to be delivered in Italy.

If for whatever reason the invoice amount is not the same as the amount of the credit we received (for instance, if a product is unavailable), the difference will be immediately credited back to you, before the shipment is carried out.
Payments with Debit cards or from the Paypal system are not accepted.

Can I pay an advance for the shipment and the balance upon delivery?

No, sorry.
The orders placed by means of the platform must be paid in one tranche within three days from the receipt of the proforma invoice. For specific requests about payments, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call directly during the business hours the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515.

Are my transactions on secure?

Yes, absolutely.
The website is an eCommerce site on an HTTPS platform with SSL security certification: a special system of data encryption that protects the user and his online transactions, preventing their interpretation, reading or decryption by ill-intentioned third parties. The site's security is acknowledged by Google and confirmed by the green padlock icon you can see on the upper left corner of the navigation bar, beside the website's URL.

The system does not accept my credit card, what should I do?

The failure to finalize a payment can depend on several factors, which may be linked with the card:

  • A mistake in entering the data/codes (try repeating the procedure)
  • expired card
  • daily limit exceeded
  • card not enabled for online payments

Or they may depend on Internet access:

  • sudden interruption of the connection
  • no access available
  • obsolete browser version (Firefox, Google, Mozilla, etc.)
  • dynamic IP address blocking the operation
  • transaction deemed suspect

In the first series of cases, please contact your bank and carry out a quick check, or change card or select a different payment form. In the second series, check or reset the access, or access from a different browser or device.


What carriers do you ship with?

Tellini Srl has selected three trusted carriers: Bartolini, Ceccarelli and TNT, all guaranteeing fast deliveries at reasonable costs. The pick up by the customer or by a customer's chosen carrier is optional in case of deliveries within the EU, while it is always provided for in case of deliveries outside the EU. For further info, please contact the Customer Service by telephone at + 39 0432 521515 or send an e-mail to e s h o p @ t e l l i n i . i t

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

No, only for shipments in Italy for an amount exceeding € 300.00 + VAT, the shipments are exceptionally free of charge. In all other cases the shipment costs are entirely charged to the customer or the addressee and they will be calculated accurately only when the proforma invoice is issued. In fact, the shipment costs cannot be determined in advance. They vary depending upon the goods' weight, the number of packages, the carrier appointed and above all the final destination.

In case of big volumes or high weight of the shipments, the delivery cost may change according to the destination selected.

Are the shipment costs the same in Italy and abroad?

No, apart from the weight, volume and number of the packages, any taxes and customs dues the transit countries may levy also affect the costs. Anyway, the system sets a minimum cost amount (VAT not included) of € 8.00 for all destinations in Italy (excluding Venice, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily, for which € 12.00 are calculated.) In all other cases, the costs are separately calculated later.

In case of big volumes or high weight of the shipments, the delivery cost may change according to the destination selected.

What are the shipment and delivery times?

The goods are packaged and shipped at most within four work days from the receipt of the confirmation that the payment has taken place, save in case of extraordinary closing days of the company or while waiting for restocking. The delivery times, on the other hand, depend upon the carrier and the final destination (whether in Italy or EU Countries). In order to facilitate your business as much as possible, and guarantee a fast restocking, Tellini Srl has agreed upon reasonable costs and fast deliveries with its trusted carriers. In particular, within the Italian territory we are able to guarantee the delivery within at most two work days (these times are increased by one or two work days in Sicily, Sardinia and minor islands). In all cases, the customer is liable for the goods in shipment.

Can I insure the goods?

Yes, certainly.
It is possible to agree upon an insured shipment. You can contact Tellini srl on the telephone at +39 0432 521515 or through e-mail: e s h o p @ t e l l i n i . i t.

Can you ship to several different addresses?

Yes, certainly.
You only have to specify the different destinations when sending in the order request. Of course this option implies the separate calculation of the shipment costs that will follow the goods to their final destinations.

Can I pick up the goods on my own?

Yes, certainly.
You can purchase online and then pick up the goods on your own, or have them picked up by your carrier at our premises in Udine, with prior notification to the business department before carrying out the payment. Please contact us by e-mail to e s h o p @ t e l l i n i . i t or call the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515.

I have my own trusted carrier, can I use them?

Yes, naturally.
However, you have to point that out in the order request, by writing in the Message area "Pick up and transportation of the goods with own means”. Once the payment has taken place, you will have to inform the shipment personnel in order to agree upon a date and time for the pickup of the packages by your own carrier. The pickup on one's own or by a carrier appointed by the customer is always provided for in case of destinations outside the EU.

How can I monitor my shipment?

If you wish, as soon as the goods are picked up by the carrier and shipped, we'll send you an e-mail stating that the package has left our warehouse. If you want to monitor the position of the package, please contact the Customer service, and an operator will supply you with the tracking number. By entering this code on the carrier's website, you'll be able to monitor at any time the progress status of the shipment, until delivery.


Will I receive the goods as I see them in the photos?

The images on the website represent the products for sale. Any variation in the color shade from the monitor to reality can be attributed to subjective perceptions, and in any case Tellini Srl is not liable for such dissimilarities in the original item sent.

I received goods that are not those I ordered, what should I do?

You can exercise your right of withdrawal within ten days, by sending us a return request if the items delivered are not conforming to the order. In order to request the replacement of the goods or the refund, please access the dedicated section "Request a Return” in the Profile you placed the order from. Fill in the request Form in all its fields and explain the reason. Remember that in any case, in order to request a return, it is always necessary to show the original invoice. You will also have to send a registered letter with return receipt or an e-mail with confirmation of receipt to the address: [email protected], containing: a statement of your will to avail yourself of the right of withdrawal, an indication of the product, the order number and the data of your banking account for the refund (bank name, branch, account number). We will come back to you in 24 hours. We will be pleased to help you and to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

The package was visibly damaged when delivered, can I return the goods?

Yes, but only if you immediately and formally complain about the damage with the carrier, and follow the return procedure described in the FAQ above. The package will have to be sent back in the same condition as it was delivered. Products that are sent back not intact, damaged, or without the original accessories and devices, if no complaint was made upon delivery, will not be accepted, but will be sent back to the customer, with an increase of the shipment costs. In fact, once the return is received, the Customer Service will verify that the goods correspond to those actually authorized and that they are intact. Only in case of a positive outcome, Tellini Srl will proceed with the issuing of a credit note concerning the order. Note: In order to request a return, it is always necessary to show the original invoice.

Are my products covered by a Warranty?

All the products purchased on are covered by a warranty in accordance with the law. If a product turns out to be faulty or breaks down, please contact the Customer Service by sending an e-mail to [email protected], and follow the return procedure already described above.

Who pays for the return costs?

The customer is always to pay in full for the costs and risks of the transportation for the return. We will pay for the shipment costs in this case if the item delivered actually is not part of the order list agreed upon and accepted by means of the proforma invoice. In any case, before sending the goods back, you will have to wait our e-mail confirming we accept the return. In the interest of fairness in our relationship, you will have to store and safeguard with the utmost care and diligence the items you received and for which you intend to exercise your right of withdrawal, keeping them intact in their original packages. Products that are returned not intact, damaged, or without the original accessories and devices will not be accepted, and they will be sent back to the sender, with an increase in the shipment costs.


Does the Customer Service speak my language?

We don't speak all languages, but surely those of our customers! we do that in Italian and in six other languages. Our operators in fact, are able to answer all your queries as to orders, payments and shipments, in English, German, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian.

I urgently need information, how can I contact you?

You can send an e-mail to [email protected], contact the Customer Service at +39 0432 521515 or send a WhatsApp chat message at the departments. We have activated no less than four dedicated lines with multi-language personnel, ready to satisfy all your requests, efficiently and courteously. Go to the Contacts page to view the telephone numbers and the availability times. The service is only available on work days, and it is suspended on national holidays and temporary closing days of the company.

Can I purchase online and pick up the goods later?

Yes, certainly.

Tellini Srl does not carry out warehousing, logistics and distribution services, but with our warehouse of over 10,000 sqm. we can afford to keep your order in our premises. In this case, an advance payment equal to 30% of the total amount is necessary for short warehousing times (max seven days). For longer warehousing times, we will need the advance payment of the whole amount due. Please, always notify your request before sending the order, by contacting the Customer Service, and enter what you agreed upon with us in the "Message” field when you send the order.

What are your opening hours?

Our offices, the Showroom and the packaging/shipping department are open with the following hours: On Monday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Tuesday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The service is available on work days only, and it is suspended on national holidays and temporary closing days of the company (15 days in December and 15 days in August, dates that are notified directly by e-mail to the customers and with a banner in the News section of the Homepage of the website).

How can I reach you?

If you come from our Region: A4 toll motorway, Udine Sud exit.

Right after the toll station to the right, take the first exit to the right, follow the directions to ZIU-ZAU or the Customs. Straight ahead until the turn right towards Cargnacco-Lumignacco.

Continue straight ahead and at the roundabout, take the first exit, towards the overpass.

Go straight ahead until the next roundabout, then take the fourth exit.

On your right, enter the “Partigross” area: Tellini is on your left.

If you arrive from Slovenia: Kako priti do Tellinija SRL:

Autocesta TS-UD, izhod UD SUD
Desno Gorica
Desno Cargnacco – Lumignacco (ovinek)
Levo Dogana, ZAU
Desno Dogana, Istituto Radiologia, podvoz
Krozisce, 4 izhod
300m ravno, drugi izhod desno na parkirisce Partigross
Za vec informacij poklicite 0039 04321515

If you arrive from Croatia: Kako doci do Tellinia SRL:
Autoput TS-UD, izlaz UD SUD
Desno Gorica
Desno Cargnacco – Lumignacco
Lijevo Dogana, ZAU
Desno Dogana, Istituto Radiologia, podvoznjak
Kruznitok, 4 izlaz
300m ravno, drugi izlaz desno na parking Partigross
Za vise informacija nazovite 0039 04321515

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